Bare Essentials - Erica Madrid - Nude Parkour in Bangkok

September 24 2018
‘Even though Parkour is a new sport, it really is the most classic of all sports.’ My friend Frosti Zernow said durin...

Jesse La Flair's Lace Up Tour

June 14 2018
Jesse La Flair goes on tour around the US with a whole bunch of athletes. We look at some of the stuff that's already...

Hendo's Perspective on Flow

May 22 2018
We have a little chat with speed competition extraordinaire and esteemed Storm athlete Joseph Henderson on the topic ...

Do Martial Arts and Parkour Go Together?

May 15 2018
I asked Brighton parkour coach, and lifetime martial artist Jai Battrick some of the questions I'd been dying to know...

Made of Tougher Stuff - Oliver Nordin

May 07 2018
This week I explore the fascinating life of Swedish freerunner Oliver Nordin - also known as Mr. Bail! I ask him abou...

The Beasts Down Under

April 24 2018
The Australian parkour scene has been gradually growing for years now, and is currently super underrated, so we thoug...

FISE Hiroshima Results and an Unfortunately Worded Tweet

April 17 2018
I take a look at the parkour results from the latest FISE event in Hiroshima, and then look at the controversy caused...

The Unconventional Wisdom of Callum Powell

April 09 2018
I revisit some of the funniest and most insightful Callum Tips, and discuss the wisdom of Storror athlete Callum Powe...

Fresh Faces: Ed Scott

March 26 2018
I had a chat with rising talent Ed Scott. He had a great 2017, making it through to the main event of the Red Bull Ar...

The Evolution of Parkour Videos (Part 2)

March 19 2018
I conclude my journey through the history of parkour videos by looking at what happened from 2012 onward. Things star...

The Evolution of Parkour Videos (Part 1)

March 13 2018
I take a walk through the history of parkour film making, identifying the video traits that get passed down through t...

The Juggling Connection

March 06 2018
I take a look at why so many people in the parkour community love activities like juggling, solving rubik's cubes, sl...

A Brief History Of: The Kong Gainer

February 26 2018
A few weeks ago Travis Verkaik rocked the parkour world by becoming the first person to kong double gainer outside of...

'They're coming for our jobs!'

February 19 2018
Just for fun… I take a look at what progress in Artificial Intelligence software and Robotics could mean for the dist...

Made of Tougher Stuff - Dom Di Tommaso

February 12 2018
I spoke to Dom about his big tumble to his face in China last year, as well as a few other notable bails he's experie...

The Rise of Microdosing

February 05 2018
I travel to meet up with and conduct an anonymous interview with two freerunners who have been exploring mixing low d...

‘Who Writes These?’ - How I Got to Write for Farang

January 29 2018
I tell you all about who I am, and how I got to write for Team Farang.

The Natural Wonders of the Parkour World

January 22 2018
I look at some of the different types of settings you will find if you go out to train in nature.
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