NYC - City Guide For Freerunners


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Josh - December 08 2019

hi! my name is josh and i myself am a minor, making it a lot harder to do parkour. “i’ll call your parents if you don’t get down, punk!” anyway, i only live about 5 1/2 hours from nyc. the money guide really helped me, i’m taking a team of 8 and i can spend under 1000$ on my freerunning trip thanks to this guide! thank you so much. as you can imagine, my parents aren’t exactly thrilled my favorite hobby involving breaking the law. this was a time saver, and the last time i went to ny, i hadn’t discovered parkour yet. >:( anyway, this was a LOT of help and i think that if this article didn’t exist then the traffic flow of traceurs and freerunners would decrease quite a bit. again, thank you!

Mark - January 20 2019

Could you make a city guide for freeruners of Rome?

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