Our Story

In the beginning, during the growing pains of a new art, Freerunners were few and far between, spread out across many countries and continents. To connect with each other most freerunners would film themselves training and share it online. And we were hungry for inspiration, watching every single minute of new tricks and styles of moving we could find.

For us though, it wasn’t enough to be passive consumers of this booming culture of physical expression. We knew we had to travel great distances to find like minded people who loved to move and saw the world differently like we did. As a huge playground. As something to be explored and rediscovered daily. In a world where we feel like theres nothing new to be found, we uncovered new worlds in our own urban back yards.

Jason chilling on a pyramid

Thats how Farang came about. We were a group of friends from different corners of the globe coming together to travel, explore and create. All too often we’d find ourselves sleeping shoulder to shoulder with a dozen friends on the floor of some apartment in a foreign land, eagerly anticipating whatever adventure would present itself.

We would travel, train, shoot and share everything we did with the world wide community. Not just the tricks but the lifestyle that being a vagabond Freerunner had to offer, and have the time of our lives while doing it.

That’s what being a Farang is about. Farang means foreigner. Outsider. Although its usually spoken with demeaning undertones, we found it empowering. Being in the mind of an outsider means seeing the world with fresh eyes. Being outside the norm is a chance to live creatively, and love what you do. Life is too valuable to waste time doing what you’re not passionate about and we want to use our time to create and experience the lifestyle Freerunning has to offer us.

We’ve taken the values we learned from being freerunners and applied it to everything in our lives, from making videos to fashion. Farang Clothing strives to be creative, authentic, and show love for the details in everything we produce. We create fashion for the modern urban athlete, aesthetically clean and practical.