September 24 2018
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Jason Paul
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Bare Essentials - Erica Madrid - Nude Parkour in Bangkok




Andrew Obenreder - September 25 2018


Parkour is a discipline that utilizes natural human movement within the confines of our adopted/adapted environment. We weren’t born wearing clothes either, we adopted their usage. This is nothing more than bringing more of the natural self into the confines of our movement, or more so, the movment and natural self into fine art photography related to our practice.

Dagan Shaw - September 25 2018

This work really captures the value of parkour for me. That we can be strong and effective with nothing but our own bodies. Other sports require equipment, tools, uniforms. Parkour is just us, just our bodies. You managed to express that artistically and beautifully without having to use any words. Impressive work, both of you. I’m really glad to see our sport represented with sophistication and class.

Rishabh Purohit - September 24 2018

Wow, this is was absolutely amazing and utterly thought provoking aswell. Everyone will have a unique perception about the blog, and that’s the beauty of it. The amalgamation of the human body’s natural state of existense and the concrete jungle in its predominant form despite being a huge part of our lives, stupefyingly inarticulating. This was a wonderful Idea, Kudos to you Jason and Erica. Go Farang!

Dakisemuts - September 24 2018

Thats was amazing

john - September 24 2018

why do you have to bring nude into parkour

pete - September 24 2018

Could be in an exhibit

Alexis - September 24 2018

parkour is a beautiful discipline, combined with the natural method of the naturalness of the naked body … perfect combination
Enjoy what you do

Cody - September 24 2018

This is too good to pass up, I’ll run it by my group, also, I feel #FarangStreakGang is a great hashtag for this 😂

Sharan - September 24 2018

This is who we all are but most of us hesitate to accept it and i felt something wonderful reading this #nakedparkour

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