The Beasts Down Under

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These cunts r shit ^ - May 02 2018

Now we have seen the aapes list is there a real one? Also me mate damo is a sickcunt and shoulda been in this list !he can plyo over like 12feet and it’s very visually appealing to watch also can backy360!int that the level?! Da boys are unsubbin farang.
Legalize It

Liam Street - May 02 2018

Great to see some intrest in the Australian Parkour and Freerunning community but we need more Freerunners and Parkourists? From Perth!!!!

Pop - April 27 2018

Connor ranger Gus Rodriguez will McKenzie Olly lister Simon lambert amongst others

Ezra Schroer - April 26 2018

Heeeey can you make an article like this for Arkansas in the US? Some goood athletes: @freerunnerkyn @dejan_freerun @coreankattttt among others. I would greatly appreciate it.

AAAAAAnd btw love the articles keep it up man

Christina - April 25 2018

Loved reading this article and especially recognising our amazing Australian parkour community. There are so many talented parkour athletes on this list and many who weren’t mentioned. Clyde Vaughan is an absolute legend amongst others. These amazing athletes are generous with their time and skills to the younger parkour community especially to my two young sons Joshua and Noah Lopresti who love Parkour.
Thank you for recognising our amazing Aussie athletes 😊

Marx - April 24 2018

Thank you so much for the shout out! 🙏 💕

Rhys Kirk - April 24 2018

Thanks for the mention and support :) definitely some beasts in this country not on that list too!

Alistair - April 24 2018

Shout out to Mike Snow

Jan - April 24 2018

Great article!
You missed Jacob Trad, Jy Paulson, Max Ward and definetely Will Paterson tho.

Sam carter - April 24 2018

Go checkout @justinfuckinglouey for the gnarliest dude jumping from down under.

michaela - April 24 2018

How could you guys miss Jy!!! @_jy_.__
guys a total beast!!
He beat Pedro at the AAPES Jump Off speed run after training i think for only two years (could be wrong on that one)

also jacob
has some of the flowiest movement and his jumps have heaps of power!

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