Why you should play the guitar to improve your Roundoff

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Kent - February 22 2022

Consistently find myself thinking about copying movement vs. doing what comes naturally…. Copying is so important, but the synthesis of your influences is what sets you apart. Proper interview!

Donovan Dye - September 23 2021

I know I’m late to the game on this interview but late is still better than never! No wonder Matt you’re easily one of my favorite movers, no doubt from your wide perspective on life and other movement disciplines! Like, I didn’t know you lived the circ life!? Me too! Just being in that environment has changed me so much, the way you move and the way you think, has definitely cultivated me into a more limitless freerunner! Thank you so much for your ideas and contributions Matt! And thank you Jason for a great interview! Much love from Michigan! Would love to travel and get super experimental ya!!!

Илья - September 08 2021

yo bro you are very cool

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