March 28 2016
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Jason Paul
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Jason Paul - My Freerunning Story


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vebuzo - July 27 2017

you are the best of best jason

harkour - April 08 2017

Your attitude to parkour is great!
I haven’t trained to the limit,
so I will do 1000 challenge:)

Akash Ravikumar - February 28 2017

Really Loved Your Story…I Was Really So Afraid Of Following Parkour As My Career But Now After Reading Your Story I Have Got To Know That Money Doesnt Come In Between Passion…..Soo Loved it And Thank U..Jason

Kevin Tissen - August 27 2016

You truly are so inspiring!

I always wanted to see how you started training…thanks alot for this report!!!!

肖逸凡 - August 25 2016

what you write really moved me,Let me know that I should try to do what I want.i will try harder to freeruning and Practice my English.thank you!

Daan Oosterhuis - July 10 2016

Really inspiring and motivating Jason!

Adrienne - April 14 2016

I loved reading your story, Jason! Thank you for sharing. It’s inspiring to watch you keep chasing your dreams and forge your own path to success.

Ginger Magee - April 13 2016

Thank you for sharing your story! It’s given me new ideas and prospectives, your an amazing freerunner! Keep up the great work and I love watching your videos ❤️

Eduardo - April 05 2016

I’m so inspired by your story I’m going to do precisions until I can’t no more jason paul you my hero

Joe Stones - April 02 2016

I feel now genuinely interested in trying 1000 rail pres in a day and I know I won’t be able to stop myself trying, but this really inspired me to go out and train a lot more. Thanks man.

Zeger in den Bosch - April 01 2016

jason, you are THE most inspiring man alive.
you quickly became my favorite runner and stil are. i got to meet you on the 4tlom in holland and i wil never forget that moment.

Nicholas Nakhle - April 01 2016

Hi jason paul your story has inspired us freerunners all over the world And I’d I like to thank you for Sharing it with us. your story has also made me think about how I’m going through My freeruning life in which that made me think I was following on your Pathway of being a redbull freeruning Athlete. So thank you and I hope to see you in the Future.
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