March 31 2016
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Jason Paul
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London - City Guide for Freerunners


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FF - April 15 2016

Great guide, very thorough and helpful! Only other spots I can think of are St Thomas’s, Circles spot w/ jumps, rails and circle blocks near Skatepark. Also further a field there’s gyms like the chainstore and Parkour Generations parks. Make more of these for other cities!

Krejn - April 07 2016

How do we ask Pasha? Could you ask him and post a quick follow up?

Daniel Robinson - April 07 2016

As an American who’s planning a trip through Europe this summer, this article is a godsend! Thanks for writing this up!

Jay Cawker - April 02 2016

St Thomas’s hospital spot is quite a good spot along south bank.

Nathan Trinh - April 02 2016

Now time for a guide to Brighton, Manchester, Lisbon, Cambridge and Derby!

Jonathan Rogers - April 01 2016

Perfect little guide, London is relatively near me so this is actually a big help. Also because there are almost no spots where I live, the best one has three walls to vault and two to climb. No chance for cat grabs, or any rail pres, hence why I can’t stick any rail jumps at all and my dive kongs are crap. Anyway, thanks for the guide, I plan to put it to good use and use it to help me progress. Thanks Jason!

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