Jason Paul - My Parkour Story

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Adrienne - April 13 2016

I loved reading your story, Jason! Thank you for sharing. It’s inspiring to watch you keep chasing your dreams and forge your own path to success.

Ginger Magee - April 12 2016

Thank you for sharing your story! It’s given me new ideas and prospectives, your an amazing freerunner! Keep up the great work and I love watching your videos ❤️

Eduardo - April 05 2016

I’m so inspired by your story I’m going to do precisions until I can’t no more jason paul you my hero

Joe Stones - April 01 2016

I feel now genuinely interested in trying 1000 rail pres in a day and I know I won’t be able to stop myself trying, but this really inspired me to go out and train a lot more. Thanks man.

Zeger in den Bosch - March 31 2016

jason, you are THE most inspiring man alive.
you quickly became my favorite runner and stil are. i got to meet you on the 4tlom in holland and i wil never forget that moment.

Nicholas Nakhle - March 31 2016

Hi jason paul your story has inspired us freerunners all over the world And I’d I like to thank you for Sharing it with us. your story has also made me think about how I’m going through My freeruning life in which that made me think I was following on your Pathway of being a redbull freeruning Athlete. So thank you and I hope to see you in the Future.

Dominic - March 31 2016

Thank you so much for sharing your story! I’m really inspired by this mind set and mentality of yours. Definitely pschyched to drill some moves a couple hundred of times xD

Peshava - March 31 2016

Boy i was thought i was the only one who thinks about parkour as a fourm of life and not a sport
The solo tranings the 100and 1000’s of moves just beliving we can achive greatness
Cant wait to see you in this year art of motion or if not this one the next one but hopefully this one
Just seeing seeing my heros in one place and traning with them is all the win for me
But i might give it try for the first place you know just for fun

Caleb Lindsey - March 31 2016

When you were first starting out with all those free runners and traceurs on your ceiling did you ever expect to be on somebody else’s ceiling being idolized just as you idolized them

timon - March 29 2016

so cool and inspirational jason thankss :D

Luis Barahona - March 29 2016

Hey I want to learn to do that

Michelle Alisa Khor - March 28 2016

Stay inspiring and amazing, Jason!

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