March 21 2016
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Jason Paul
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Bangkok - City Guide for Freerunners


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Daniel Joensen - April 20 2016

You missed the Sirikit Monument and the playground in Benjakitti Park. It’s my home spot and I really really recommend it. 10 min walk from Asok BTS station.

Frazer 'Megatron' McCartney - March 24 2016

guy this is awesome thanks very much and one day I hope to be as good as you. i am in a team called PKMONSTERS and we are a group of friends from a town called Herne bay in England and you are our idols.

thanks Frazer.

Jason - March 24 2016

Levio! Thanks so much! :D

I’m sure you know travel doesn’t have to be to a far away country. Start exploring your own city, go to corners you’ve never been to and even just the next village can have hidden gems you’d never know about if you don’t go and look :) hope you make it to Bangkok one day!

Keep it up

levio - March 22 2016

Dear team farang… This is an absolutely amazing blog!! I read it all and now my parents have to hear the sentence “Mom, Dad, I wanna go to Bangkok” the whole time… I’m sure I’ll go there mabye if I’m a little bigger and I’m able to go alone with friends and my brother. And I’m sure that I’ll scresenshot or print this blog if I go there because it’s the best travel guide for freerunners… Again Thanks a lot for posting this!! All love from Switzerland ;)

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