Hands On - 5 freerunners and their most important tool

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ShadySav - May 14 2017

Guys. I almost cried… This was amazing.

ryley bucknam - September 27 2016

we are like one big family

in the freeruning community
i am from kentucky in the US come visit some time.

the B'st - April 08 2016

Wow thats so cool Luci Romberg is from Denver I’m from Trinidad C.O. A small town about 3 hours south! Awesome story stay awesome!

Diego Bueno - March 26 2016

Inspirational article I think this was one of the best

beepbel - March 23 2016


Wes - March 17 2016

Anyone else read Pasha’s interview with his voice? haha

José Rodríguez - March 17 2016

‘’Everyone is welcome to our family’’ Much obliged, the least i can do is try, for you are all inspiring people, and i would love to be part of this big, multicultural family.

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