Santorini - City Guide for Freerunners

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Shad Robbins - February 12 2017

can anyone go and practice parkour on the rooftops of Santorini…i love and practice parkour but im not a pro.. would i still be able to go up there

Shad Robbins - February 12 2017

hello team Farang,
i love you guys, i watch you the whole time.
i practice parkour at my home and i dream of going to Santorini someday.
your the best, keep

Victtorio - August 20 2016

awesome, i was always curious about santorini and wanted to know more, now i’ve got all i needed, thanks Farang !

Austin Farmer (YGT Freerunning) - August 11 2016

You may have saved my life, THANK YOU :) See you guys at AOM! (Most Likely)

Jason - August 05 2016

Louis! There are definitely ferries from all over the place going there. Even turkey. Worth having a look :)

Louis Goldman - August 05 2016

What’s the cheapest way of getting to the island? I know there’s an airport on the island but I was wondering if it would be cheaper to fly to mainland Greece then get a ferry

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