June 17 2017
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Team Farang
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Zen Shimada - Japan

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Dus du - July 05 2017


Nathan - June 26 2017

Rest is beats Nujabes Q.Q

Nadia - June 18 2017

This is great! Thanks for sharing.

Seeing how much you’ve progressed and achieved over the past seven years I’ve been following you for has been amazing Zen! You’ve done so so well and I’m sure it’ll keep getting even better!

Mohammed AL-Daly - June 18 2017


Zeger - June 18 2017

Ive been a long time fan of Farang and i got to meet you at 4 the love of movement!
I think you are a great addition to the team!

Id love to train again soon and am excited to see what you bring to the table in videos

James Jones - June 17 2017

As usual you guys continue to impress and improve! Zen you’re an awesome addition to one of my favorite groups and hope the best for you! Keep it rockin!


Dimitris Kyrsanidis - June 17 2017

Loved it!! Great work Zen, it was so good that I had the opportunity to come to Japan and experience Vaults101 and your life. Thanks for sharing.


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