March 28 2016
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Team Farang
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Toms Tomass - March 22 2017

liels prieks redzēt Latvieti Team farang. Visu to labāko Pasha!

carrie ann bemis howser (thrice bang) - November 22 2016

I went from watching urbex videos daily to hooked on farang videos. Truly pure entertainment. Cheers. Hi Emily :)

Plamen - November 22 2016

For me you are the best crew and you make everything better than the others. Good luck! ;-)

Nico Tajakka - November 07 2016

Hi your style is really good. Team farang is the best.

charaf - November 06 2016

wow keep up with work men you’re hilarious

MikGitti - October 08 2016

Fuckin sick cunt

alireza - September 19 2016

i love your team your amazing and you are the best

oussama bougalmi - August 27 2016

You are an amazing freerunner i like your style of parkour

rezza - July 02 2016

when you come to indonesia? ican exsercise with you and jumperparkourfreerun

joaquin aqueveque - June 13 2016

son mis ídolos, espero algún día ser como ustedes

Javad(from Iran) - June 05 2016

I love your team.
I would like to talk to you
i tried too much , BUT i could not
I even learned English to talk to you
But still could not
Finally one day I hope to see you and talk to you
good luck.

(if i have typos , sorry My English is not very good)

philip kp - April 22 2016

hello Pasha im your best you always flow with your moves and have fun parkour and freerunning for life

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