March 28 2016
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Team Farang
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Anan Anwar - Thailand

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Askein - June 11 2017

i love counter strike too. haha
also love farang

Rezza Tirta - December 06 2016

Hi anan am ur fans from indonesia
I want ask your team or farang team when farang come to indonesia second time

Linus Askein - November 19 2016

i wish you can come to China.Free running still has a long way to go in China,so your coming can give us many experience

VincentTog - September 18 2016 nqnbgi

Ville - July 08 2016

You guys are freaking awesome. Your videos and the fact that you love what you do is so inspireing. I love to see what you do. I always get a great feeling when watching you guys. I dont know what else to say. Now dont just sit there and read these booring coments. Get out there and do what you are good at for Christs sake! Hahah

Javad(from Iran) - June 05 2016

sorry i forget that
please do not hurt your self
I get upset when i see you hurt

Javad(from Iran) - June 05 2016

your team is very good . better than you think!
you are not like other teams.
you are special but i know , you know that.
please do not stay here , get better!!
i love see you in top of every things.

my English is not good if i have typos , sorry

Noa - May 25 2016

If you could travel to enemy continent/contry what would it be

yunan tamimi - April 27 2016


reza kurniawan - April 22 2016

After I readed all story of farang team, it’s maked me spirit to be best of the you all. Thanks lot. :D

Kevin lim - April 11 2016

I really don’t like reading but I love team farang so I read everything and it was the best thing I ever red EVER. Keep up the cool flips and good work. And don’t die or something

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