March 28 2016
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Team Farang
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Dominic Di Tommaso - Australia

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Stepan Khrabrov - October 03 2016

Hi, I wanted to ask you about one thing could you please record video-tutorial about Div front ?? Pls

onreact - October 01 2016

The video is blocked on YouTube in Germany. Make sure to upload it to Vimeo instead.

Fred Williams - September 03 2016

Team Farang has been a massive inspiration for me to start gymnastics and free running again, you guys are awesome! I’m 6’3 and was wondering if you think that being tall is a help or a hindrance?

Noah | english freerunner - August 31 2016

Next time you come to england could you let me know and maybe we could train ?

oussama bougalmi tunisian freerunner,15 years old - August 27 2016

Man!!!! you are the best in high front flips you are so good !!!!

dusk - August 20 2016


the B'st - April 09 2016

That is so awesome good luck out there! #teamfarang

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