March 28 2016
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Team Farang
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Jason Paul - Germany

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Rangga Mas S - September 29 2016

Hi, I’m from Indonesia
I very love your team! I want be a part of Team Farang.
I’m just 13 years old.
I just beginner, I just can run and jump.
Sorry if my text is false!
I can’t speak English.

Youssef gamal - September 09 2016

Please could i have your e-mail jason. I need to talk with you alittle. I am a big fan of you.

Noah - August 31 2016

i love your team and how you all work together, my dream is to become part of team farang

Wanglem - August 28 2016

Team farang really inspired me when i first watch your video i really love it and it inspired me a lot since then i have been copying and practicing your moves …..

oussama bougalmi tunisian freerunner,15 years old - August 27 2016

!!!!!!!!!!! you are the best i like your accent your style and your clothes and specialy your photoes ,your so perfect!!!!!!!!!

Alan Rosete - August 22 2016

You´re the best!!!!

anderson hernandez(Venezuela) - July 09 2016

wow buen equipo siempre estoy pendientes de sus vídeos y sus publicaciones que ponen en la redes sociales, gracias a ustedes muchas personas en todo el mundo se sienten motivados hacer este deporte freerunning un saludo desde Venezuela espero conocerlos algún día y ser como ustedes viajar conocer personas y ser aventurero.!!!

ANGUS - June 14 2016

You guys are amazing, and i love your vids. i am 13, and i would love to be a professional freerunner, but i live 3 hours away from anywhere i can get lessons, and being 13, cant even afoord soft mats, because my parents dont approve of my freerunning. HELP?!

Javad(from Iran) - June 05 2016

A question
how can i talk with you??

Javad(from Iran) - June 05 2016

I love your team.
please if you see this know that you are BEST.

Kji Klemmensen - May 12 2016

All of these interviews are fucking great! Loved them all. But one question that I have is, is Shaun Wood still part of Farang? I know that he’s been injured and is still recovering but is he still part of the team?

the B'st - April 09 2016

Love your story! The whole time I was reading it I thought of me and my friend. Be careful out there #wejumptheworld. Rock on!!!!

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