March 28 2016
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Jason Paul - Germany

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Amit Kuril - July 18 2017

Jason Paul is the first person when i started parkour and obviously he inspires me all the time
Please have a visit to India again

you are awesome !

Aiden - May 13 2017

For shoes, would you tell me some good ones from 2017?

Kalani - April 19 2017

Have you ever been to australia? You should come
I really whant to meet you i am inspired by how you parkour and you have encouraged me to do parkour just by watching your amazing videos.

sunny - April 10 2017

When will you come over Hong Kong again Jason:(,I want to see you.That is one of my dream.

Paul - March 29 2017

Mr.Paul,you are my favourite freerunner,im from India,in a small city called Mizoram.You inspire me to freerun,because of you i stop being afraid of heights,flips,and others.i wish you my best of luck.

Patrick - March 08 2017

Would you recommend any Nike shoe for freerunning?
Also you’re the best freerunner. :)

Talmage Bergeson - February 18 2017

Hey whats up Jason I was just wondering how you progressed as a freerunner. I live in Utah so theres not very much stuff that I could try to do so any advice?

Olivier Grzeskowiak - December 25 2016

Hey Jason!
As you can tell by my name I am polish and I am a 14 year old guy living in Australia, Sydney, NSW.
My question is, how was the Team Farang Logo formed. reason I’m asking is because i want to create a logo for a small group of my own but I do not know where you got your inspiration from. PLZ HELP!

Sincerley Olivier Grzeskowiak

Enrique Martinez - December 03 2016

Hey Jason, i just wanted to let you know that you inspire me to a level is cant explain. Because of you i dream to be a professional freerunner. i look up to you in so many ways. i love your videos, vlogs, clothing, personality, creativity, and just the way you connect with your fans. keep doing what yo. do, because its working

Kenny Leave, Belgian Freerunner, 15 y/old - November 27 2016

I swear the day I see you walking in the street, the shit we will do together will make the world drop

oisin doran - November 23 2016

OIs Zen in team Farang and if so why Doesnt he have is own page like Jason paul???

Linus Askein - November 22 2016

Jason,I’m a big fan of Farang.I love the astmosphere in your team,hope one day i can join you. And can you give me some advice about china parkour.I wanna see parkour get more popular in China,and i know you will send me letter,will you?

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