March 27 2016
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Jason Paul - Germany

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joesss - March 23 2019

I am super fascinated with you.
and your clothing is really so cool.
is there a megacity that I can take pictures for your clothes and get something small in return?
from joesss
instagram: @gwn_joes
thank you!

Angus - October 29 2018

Hey Jason

You’ll probably not see this, but anyway.

I was wondering where exactly do you buy your shoes? The Adidas Element Refine Trico. I would love to buy a pair, but i cant find the same ones you have. Not even through the link in the “What parkour Shoe” video.

Any help would be massively appreciated

Redwan Ahmed Fahim - September 14 2018

Dear Jason,
I’m 16 years old….and I love parkour… I y
I’m a big big huge fan of you guys ….
Love u so much guys….
I’m just teen aged boy from Bangladesh… I wish you did hear about Bangladesh before…..
I wanna meet u guys… please visit Bangladesh….u guys are my inspiration…I love parkour very much… I wanna grow up doing parkour…I need support…so please try to meet me and my country…😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Enchanted Little World - August 19 2018

Dear Paul,

We just wanted to reach out to let you know we featured your incredible jaw-dropping free running video “Last call for Mr. Paul” on our blog Enchanted Little World. Enchanted Little World was created in hopes of bringing smiles to all ages and highlighting talented artists and athletes like yourself to inspire imagination and wonder. We call it a “Daily High Five Of Happiness” as we post five positive things daily.

Thank you for creating something that made us smile so much we wanted to share it! We hope you keep if you have anything else you would like us to feature or please send it our way!

Kind Wishes On Your Adventures!
The Enchanted Little World Fairies

P.S.) It must be hard to get friends to play tag with you:)

吴瑶 - June 13 2018

(What I have described above is that Chinese forgives me bad English.)
[translate:Hello, nice to meet you. I am 15 years old. I am your rare China fan! Ha-ha! (don’t beat me)
I know you and farang team at BiliBili, a video website of China.
Thank you for letting me know what Parkour and my interest in parkour are.
I must be very welcome if you can come to China.
Thank you very much!]

francesca M&M MEDIASERVCES Rome - May 30 2018

Hi, Jason

my name is Francesca Pacchiano and I work for M&M Mediaservices, a company based in Rome which works in the field of coordination and fixing productions for Japanese television.

I have request for filming with you from NTV Nippon television in Japan. .

Here is some more information on the production;

The programme in question is for NTV Japan who broadcasts the programme “ITTEQ – Let’s challenge the world!"

ITTEQ has been the most popular variety travel show in Japan for 13 years running, reaching a viewing audience of 20.000.000 people, with a share of about 18-20%, making it currently the most widely viewed programme in the country.

They broadcast weekly on Sunday evenings on a primetime slot from 20:00-21:00pm.

The concept of the programme is that a group of Japanese celebrities travel the world to take part and report on various challenges and experiences.

For this particular episode, one of the male and most famous presenters, Mr. Nakaoka Soichi is travelling to Europe to make new challenges and greet special people.

So, we would like to film ms Jason Paul as a stunning athlete.
In details, we are interested in this performance:

For this project, I kindly ask you to send me as soon as possible a reply about following infos:

1. would you be available for this shooting?
It will be one day between June 13th and 18th.

2. Where are you located (country and town) ?

3. How much it will be the fee for a half day shooting?

The crew will be composed of 7 people (Director, 2 cameramen, assistant, producer. talent and coordinator/interpreter)

Looking forward to receiving your kind reply.

Thank you in advance for your kind collaboration.

My warmest regards

Francesca Pacchiano / Coordinator

m&m mediaServices srl
Rome head office
Via Venti Settembre 44 Rome 00187
Tel +39 06 44340673
Mobile +39 338 8150981

Milano office
Via Copernico 38, 12 Milan 20125
Tel +39 02 3595 9967

Skype ID : mmmediaservices

Finn - May 29 2018

I love you sooooooo mutch and i macke also YouTube but german under Freerunner Finn

Kaung Khant Htwe - May 14 2018

Hey Jason Paul,
I’m from Myanmar,a samll country in south east asia.
I don’t know parkour until I saw your video in youtube.
It’s so crazzzzzy.
And I really love it.
Now I’m learning how to parkour and freerunning by watching your video.
I hope you will visit here.
Waiting for you……
And please post more video for learning.
Sorry for my bad Grammer skill.
Good Luck Mr.Paul

Finn - March 27 2018

Hey can u come to Nz ?
I’m nine I love parkour

Raven Webster - January 11 2018

Hey Jason!

Love the work man I aspire to be somewhere close to your level in a year or two. I also have been looking to plan a trip to go explore the world and i was wondering if you knew a way to fund it doing what I love. other than that i just wanted to say congrats to making it big man! your inspirational and your journey only fuels my drive to do something similar, not the same because we all have our unique way of doing things.

Julian - December 22 2017

“I would definitely wanna be a hot girl! I would touch my boobs all day and find out what female orgasms feel like. If it ever happens, I just really hope I’m not on my period.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

little Pasha the boss - December 08 2017

Wie lange machst du schon parkour?

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