September 13 2017
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Team Farang
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Valtteri Luoma-Aho - Finland



Mikko - August 30 2019

Waltteri! Oot ihan päällikkö ja tästä päivästä lähtien mun idoli! Ei oo montaa noin hyvää suomalaista parkouraajaa. Terveisiä parkour hullulta vaihto-oppilaalta Rodenkirchenistä Saksasta!

Deiby Mosquera - September 27 2018

¡que increible Valtteri! sabes, tengo 14, y mi motivación para el parkour son vuestros videos :p

Yunan tamimi - May 22 2018


Sayal Limbu - January 25 2018

I love your style Valtteri. You inspire me to train even harder and to exceed my limits. One day i will be as great as you. And i really appreciate your work and effort you put on for the team, the videos you make and upload are awesome.
Greetings from Nepal.
Your big fan :)

Benjamín Gómez - January 11 2018

really Valtteri I think your style is incredible, and your turns are good to see you in the team of the Farang team, a greeting from Honduras Central America

Gabriel - November 30 2017

i think You will be good for team farang you are they man i have been missing because you are from finland. Good luck with team farang

jayjay_parkour - October 30 2017

follow @jayjay_parkour on inst lol

O. A. - September 21 2017

Wow! The past month i was in brighton and i saw you guys! I was in a car passing by in the sec 50 of the video, what a shame i coudnt stop by and take a pic with you

DAVID M - September 21 2017

que bien que ahora sea del equipo farang

Ícaro M. Santana - September 18 2017

Valteri’s birthday is 2 days before mine and he is only 1 day older than me! This is somehow really inspiring :) I really loved his entrance to team farang, great people like that are really rare.

Stephen Brunson - September 15 2017

Valtteri is only 20?? That’s awesome though, and I’m glad you added him. Good luck with everything!

begag aymen - September 14 2017

You will be a good addition to team farang good luck <3

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