March 27 2016
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Jason Paul - Germany

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little Pasha the boss - December 08 2017

Wie lange machst du schon parkour?

brynt - November 20 2017

yoooo men

Yao Qing - November 18 2017

Hi,Jason.I like your video very much.And I come from China .May I ask you some questions?Can I study freerunning with glasses?What do I need if I want to study parkour?For example,places instruments or something.

Lucas - October 09 2017

All I can really say about some of the answers to the questions is ME TOO.

CAT WEI - August 07 2017

hi jaosn , can I join your team?

oten - August 02 2017


Tidal Johnson - July 27 2017

Hi. I love your work with team Farang. I have recently started my own freerunning team called “Team Lsiata” We are only amateurs but we are learning moves and I do do some pretty big jumps time to time. I would love to do a collaboration or just go to one of your jams. Please come to New Zealand. Explore the city here and go to flow academy. Then give us a review on flow because it is the only parkour gym we have here in NZ and we would really like it to be the best it can be. I really look up to you and you are a major inspiration in my life. Keep up the good work man. :)

Amit Kuril - July 17 2017

Jason Paul is the first person when i started parkour and obviously he inspires me all the time
Please have a visit to India again

you are awesome !

Aiden - May 12 2017

For shoes, would you tell me some good ones from 2017?

Kalani - April 18 2017

Have you ever been to australia? You should come
I really whant to meet you i am inspired by how you parkour and you have encouraged me to do parkour just by watching your amazing videos.

sunny - April 10 2017

When will you come over Hong Kong again Jason:(,I want to see you.That is one of my dream.

Paul - March 28 2017

Mr.Paul,you are my favourite freerunner,im from India,in a small city called Mizoram.You inspire me to freerun,because of you i stop being afraid of heights,flips,and others.i wish you my best of luck.

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