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tlcpezoknj - October 18 2020

simpliCITY Collection – Lookbook | Farang Clothing

ftnkplip - August 25 2020

simpliCITY Collection – Lookbook | Farang Clothing

Sanyi Vadasz - September 21 2017

Buying the new yellow skyline shorts and top! CANT WAIT! AHHH im so hyped!! Love your clothes and videos! Also photos Emily. Can’t wait for the new shoes!!

Corbin logemann - September 08 2017

Hey how much would you estimate the shoe will cost considering I live in The U.S. ???? Please respond I would love to know.

Sarah Carlson - September 04 2017

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Juice - June 11 2017

Hype for those drop-shorts!

Ethan Wolfe - June 11 2017

The new black and red logo tee looks so badass ??

Vincent - June 10 2017

I’m so hyped that I can’t wait the collection to be released ! Especially the shirt with Leonardo da Vinci urban style’s proverb !
This collection is a pearl, it just misses the shoes to go with it but I think you’re working on it, right ? :)
Keep going guys you’re doing a fantastic job !

Tan Nguyen - June 10 2017

All of dis are all so cool and lit??!! Farang we guys are just getting better and better.

Austin - June 10 2017

I can’t wait to buy some of them! They look so cool! You guys should be more successful with this then you are right now, it deserves more attention :)

Christian Tyler Reeves - June 09 2017

Yo!! Can’t wait for this to drop!! The way these peices interact with eachother is flawless and they look amazing!! Can’t wait to try them out and look cooler in my vids showin’ of the new Farang apparel!!

Tristan - June 09 2017

Soo sick! My birthday is at the 2th of July, and I wanna ask that clothes for my birthday, is there an release date??

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