From Garbage Man to Red Bull Sponsored Athlete

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Mal Higgs - December 04 2017

Fantastic video Dom – proud of ya!!!

Mubariz - December 04 2017

When I saw A guy doing a huge frontflip. I immediately looked up to him on youtube. It turned out that it was this guy. Then very next day a video came on instagram: A Frontflip a day keeps the doctor away" Then I became his fan. I started appreciating him more and more. Then I saw his run at AOM. I felt so sad he didn’t win. But then Jason said in one his vlogs that he is very talented athlete but he has record of failing at competitions, I couldn’t agree anymore. Then I saw notification, it was from Dom. When I opened it, Dom was wearing a Red Bull Hat. I literally jumped in the air. Brother All I can say keep going and keep inspiring.

Joseph Murcia - December 01 2017

It was certainly inspirational; even i am in that path, trying to get something real good and pure
Working my ass off to be better and show some love back to parkour & free-running, this lifestyle-sport have saved me and made me in so many ways.
So, really good, keep it up!

Mark Gio - December 01 2017

MAN! did not expect he’s good in ice skating too. Stay awesome Dom!

Tony - December 01 2017

Awesome history!!!!

Ezra Schroer - November 28 2017

“Unless you’re working hard towards that cause every single day then things are going to come up and distract you from that main goal.” Very good info there and i can use it in the future. this article was great because i have been thinking of how i can survive of pk and not have to go to college. thank u

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