How to get SPONSORED by Red Bull


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Pussy - December 09 2018

Hi my name is pussy I am a professional fucker,stripper and poledancer I really would like if u guys could sponsor me and give me LOTS of redbull it works as good lube and I need condoms
Thanks, pussy

Allein - November 27 2018

I’m looking for a sponsor I’m a biker a stunted I’m 16 yes old

Jan Basta - November 17 2018

Hi, I’m Jan Basta from Croatia, I already posted a comment recently, I just wanted to add that I play beach volleyball and indoor volleyball in croatian superleague, I go cycling, running in my free time, I like to travel around, especially I like taking trips to mountains and forests and stuff like that, I can say that I am dynamic person. Also, I’m into F1, and best team is Red Bull with Max and Daniel. I would really be happy if I can do anything to get some Red Bull clothes and sponsorship. Also I applied for working in Red Bull Croatia as a student, I would promote Red Bull and maybe post stuff on Croatia’s Red Bull pages, so it will be fun if I get that job! Thanks a lot, enjoy and have fun!

Jan Basta - November 17 2018

Hi, I’m Jan from Croatia, I’m 19, I just started studying, and I am huge fan of Red Bull, not only as a drink but as a whole brand, cause i follow Red Bull’s events in Croatia as Wings for Life, Cube Escape and other. I like cycling and some extreme sports, also I am good all-mountain skier, and I post some stuff on my social pages. I am watching almost all Red Bull competitions and events like Crashed Ice, all skiing and cycling competitions. I’m dreaming of having Red Bull’s clothes, because that is my favourite brand and coorporation. I like to travel around and film my adventures with Gopro and few packs of Red Bull drinks, so I would be very happy if I could get sponsored by them in any way. Thanks for yout time and have fun!

Lord Charles - October 17 2018

Well written article. Thanks for sharing.

Dallas Miller - September 26 2018

Looking for sponsorship.
My name is Dallas Miller and I am 15 years old. I am on my second season of dirt track racing in a hornet car. I have raced dirt track since I was 3 years old. From 3 years old to around 12 I raced at various tracks on my quad, winning championships and races. I was the track champion at Lawrenceburg Motorcycle Speedway for 3 years straight. When I turned 14 I jumped into a car. To start off my first season in a car, I was put in a slow car so I could get use to things. Now that my ability to drive has surpassed expectations I have started winning races at Lawrenceburg Speedway, and placing top 10 in every race that I start in. I have recently won my first heat race. I am also the crew chief for Ketcham Motorsports with a ump modified for the last 4 years. We work on the cars throughout the week to have it ready for the weekend so sponsors are not let down and they get their money worth in advertising.
Sponsoring me is an awesome way to promote your business all throughout Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. All of the tracks we race have tremendous fan turn out every weekend. Having a sponsor on the side of a car has been one of the best ways to advertise for years. I would use your sponsorship money for fuel, entry fee, parts for car, and a logo of your business to put on my car. I am very petite for my age and always have crowds around me. My goal would be to pursue my career in racing while being a role model for the younger generation that needs to believe in themselves!

John edmans - September 25 2018

I own one of the best boxing pages
In the uk
We are media accredited for all the major promotion companies

We need you red bull

Intuboxing. Com

Mahesh Sharma - September 23 2018

We need sponsorship for Top Prermier League in Mumbai Santacruz west. So huge number of People will come to see.

Nicola Du Plessis - September 14 2018

Hi I am Nicola. I am 14 years old and it is my first year of cycling. I am doing really good so here are the following results:
3 times 1st place
2 times 2de ace
2 times 5th place

Lucky - August 04 2018

Hi my name is lucky.
I believe I have skills of fighting through yes I am not famous or well known no I am not. So please I will really love If I could be sponsored by you Red Bull to make it to extreme fight. Please.

John Babbitt - July 27 2018

We are big time Red Bull Supporters in our sport of Racing V8 Chainsaws. I own Rage Cutting Inc. A non profit racing team. Rage Is investing monies growing the sport and supporting fellow racers to make it FAST and Extremely FUN. I have invested and built the Worlds most powerful V8 chainsaw the world has ever seen. By raising the bar and supporting the sport, the future is Gonna Be BRIGHT. There is plenty of youtube and FB social media to follow us. It’s time to blow this up and put this on the map. Welcome aboard Red Bull. looking forward to giving your staff a front row seat to our Crazy sport.:)

Kaelo Fabian Bogoto - July 17 2018

I am a young boy 21 years old, who’s trying to open a business for clothing, printing and designing. I hereby asking you to sponsor me because i don’t have a starting capital

I would be happy if you can give a sponsorship thank you

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