June 10 2016
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Jason Paul
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How to get SPONSORED by Red Bull


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William Cleton - May 07 2017

Hello, my name is William i am a Freerunner and Tricker. I’ve been freerunning since i was 9 and now i’m 12. I would really love to be sponsored by Red Bull because i’ve been training 3 years to be this good. My idol in freerunning are Dimitris kirsanidis and Jason paul because they motivate me the most in freerunning! And i love every single video or picture of you guys on instagram. I don’t have a youtube channel but i have instagram name is willflips._ it would be an honor if i would be sponsored.

Shawn Smith - April 08 2017

Hi my name is shawn smith and i work for cabell county 911 in huntington wv. I know we aren’t “extreme” in the sense of skydiving, parkour etc. But my entire nightshift live off of redbull, everyone usually has at least 2 red bulls, so theres anywhere from 10-16 redbull purchased every single day. Red bull is so needed when its 9am and youre 10 hours into your 16 hour shift and have a jumper you’re trying to talk down, or a shooting where you need to be on point with updating every detail and taking a million calls. Id be be amazing if we could get sponsored, even if it was just like a 4 pack a month or something small. People have no idea how stressful 16 hour shifts where you talk to 200-400 people a shift can be! Thanks redbull!

Nagarjun - February 04 2017


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Kegan Suede Felix - January 26 2017

hi my names kegan suede felix im 16 and do parkour ive done higher frontflips than domonato and really want sponsored parctice everyday but redbull dont give a fuck obviously tryed to contact a lot still nothing im good enough trust me my facebook name is kegan swade felix check me out if you dont belive im legit

Thijme van Arendonk - January 12 2017

My comment accidentaly got deleted. The point was; Can anyone spark my imagination on how to create a style in freerun?


E-Mail :
Insta : thijme_TCL

Phumla Hlophe - January 03 2017

Good Day

My name is Phumla Hlophe im a dj who doesn’t drink alcohol im currently a resident at NYC Fourways. I gig every week starting from Thursday as a result I’m forever drinking red bull to have enough energy to entertain the crowd. I also gig internationally mostly Swaziland and Botswana. right now I’m doing an event call team me hash tag DIY dj Poomla movement. I would like to be sponsored by Redbull as a brand and for my movement my contact number is 072 1079299.

Levi - November 23 2016

Thanks for this insight. I think there are steps I need to set out 1st to reach these goals.

1. Work harder and practice more
2. Make more content
3. Work harder and Practice more

Dave C. - November 22 2016

Great advice, and i love the way you write.
Its intresting to find out about this, becouse a lot of people think its impossible or its too much.
But you made it , and others also did.
And its really great to become some insight.
Thanks for the article , and keep the good stuff up !

Mehmood Iqbal - November 21 2016

Hi I am really die heart fan of parkour I don’t have any background of parkourbut still I am working hard daily parkour exercise there is no inspiring people around me but I am taking inspiration from red bull parkour video I would like to be a part of Red bull because I have seen the red bull parkour video I am very impressed after watching the red bull parkour video it’s amazing . hopefully you will inspire me by sponsor me thank you so much .

Marco Salgado - October 14 2016

Hello, My name is Marco (as you can see on the top) i’ve been doing parkour ever since I was 10, and now i’m 13 and It would be a dream to be sponsored by RedBull (don’t drink RedBull because i don’t want diarrhea) but i’m only 13 so I can’t do much. My friends always tell me you can’t make parkour, freerunning, or tricking a job or they say you won’t get anywhere with doing such an extreme sport. I Want To Prove Them Wrong! You are An Amazing Person And I Do Believe I Can Make My Hobby A Job (someday).

Youtube channel is :
Marco Salgado
(I Don’t Post Much Because of My Parents)

Zachary Scott - October 04 2016

Hello there! I’m a 15 year old free runner and my dream is to do it for a living! Almost every day I train to become an incredible athlete like you guys and I just wanted to say you’re such a huge inspiration and make me want to keep going! Currently, my YouTube channel is if you want to see some of my content!

Zachary Scott

Leon - September 01 2016

Hallo, Mein Name ist Leon. Ich bin PARKKOUR UND FREERUNNER ich Wunsch ist sehr gut zu werden und auf YouTube bekannt zu werden mein Kanal heißt LeonLesVivants mein Traum ist es ein klein Sponsor von RedBull zu kriegen. Ich würde sehr sehr viel mühe geben um ein zu bekommen.
Bitte meldet euch.
LeonLesVivants Channel:

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