Brighton - City Guide for Freerunners

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Kate Molan - December 23 2017

Loved reading the Brighton city guide to free running. It would be cool if ye could do ones on London city & Barcelona city. As these are my favourite cities to visit.

Douglas - December 18 2017

People probably repeat moshi-moshi because that’s how you answer the phone in Japanese, “Moshi moshi.”

Thomas Wicker - December 15 2017

Great guide and very informative!

Ezra Schroer - December 13 2017

Do North West Arkansas area. I’ll write it if you want. I do believe that no one has actually traveled to come here, but there are some very great spots to go to. It is where I train locally and I want to have more people come here. To view some of the spots, you can check out my YouTube channel here:

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