Amsterdam - City Guide for Freerunners

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Bjorn - June 12 2018

Jooo thanks im now in amsterdam on a freerun jurney nice man
So i can still do this but how about the i amsterdam park its so far but really nice pzz

Luciano Balestra - October 20 2016

haha you missed my house ;)
And of course Amstel spot and parkour gym Vrog in Amsterdam!

harley and justin - August 10 2016

jump gym looks sick bud xD

Alex Steklyannikov - April 18 2016

Yes, Farang! I’m heading to Amsterdam at the end of July for Liquicity festival. Gonna have to persuade my mate to drive us an hour out to JUMP Freerun Academy.

Rimvydas Bruzas - April 18 2016

Haha yes! High life :D

Luuk Jansen - April 17 2016

Genius dude XD, thnx for the article :D

Nikita Geovanis - April 17 2016

Yo thank you so much for this! I’m travelling around Europe with my bud this summer and I’m looking into spots that we want to hit. Thank you for giving us some ideas for Amsterdam… Jason, I bet you’d have tons of spots in Berlin to suggest, right?

Luca Gruber - April 16 2016

You guys totally forgot the Anstellung spot. It’s at this university and has been featured in many videos!

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