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May 17 2022

Farang x BOUNCE

March 25 2016
  The team got full access to a brand new mad house and this is the result. Shout out to BOUNCE for letting us do wha...

Team Farang Invades the EM District

March 25 2016
What would you do if you had free reign to do whatever you pleased in a department store? Well this is exactly what w...

The BIG BANGkok Theory

March 25 2016
It's not every day we can get the squad together back where it all started, so we done it BIG!

Labyrinth Freerunning

March 25 2016
An ambitious playground-project and accidental dream-spot. Located right by the beach in between palm-trees we love t...

Italy-Jam - Krap Invaders V x The Jambo

March 25 2016
Bonjourno Bologna! The crew visits Italy for one of the biggest jams of the year!

Istanbul - Farang x Razer

March 25 2016
To coincide with the release of the Razer Adaro Lifestyle Series we decided to get back to the Team Farang lifestyle ...

All Good - Fail-Compilation

March 25 2016
Nobody's perfect, except Team Farang!!

Boss Mode

March 25 2016
Pasha aka The Boss is now part of Team Farang, but you can't be part of Farang without coming to Bangkok! So we got t...

What it means to be a Freerunner

March 25 2016
It's hard to believe what has happen in just 2 short years. Originally this video was chopped together as a pitch for...

Light Emitting Dudes - LED Freerunning

March 25 2016
Every city has it's own charm and character. Bangkok is a mad bustling city full of life, with a million sights to se...

X-Tour - Europe Trip - 2012

March 25 2016
This summer Fastbreak gave us the opportunity to travel through Europe for an entire month and we just left the camer...

Cambodia - The Temple

March 25 2016
Farang: the bastardization of the English word "Foreign"; the generic thai word for Westerner.The World Freerunners t...

Bangkok - The City

March 25 2016
Farang: the bastardization of the English word "Foreign"; the generic thai word for Westerner.Every year World Freeru...