The Rise of Microdosing

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Noah Smith - August 27 2020

I really don’t know of what is the purpose of magic mushroom here. Now i know that it doesn’t just give us good nutrients but it can also cure diseases. It has a lot of possibilities.

deborah smith - August 17 2020

Thank you for spreading awareness to everyone. It is very helpful. Hoping for more articles about this magical mushrooms. Indeed that this magic mushrooms are very popular and now I know the reasons why.

Clair Hamlett - May 25 2018

I’ve been doing a fair bit of research on the topic of microdosing mushrooms here in , as well as lsd. I recently got some mushies to give it a try. Supposedly the effects are along the line of reduced anxiety, increased creativity/confidence and better cognitive function/ thought process’s.

I’ve been doing them every second day in a dose of .2-.3 grams, which at first I thought would have zero effect. But I am noticing pronounced effects on my speech patterns and how well I can communicate with other people(increased memory, better use of hand gestures, sentences flow better)..I’ve noticed it’s easier to comprehend topics, as I took a microdose a day before a test at school studied for three hours and took in everything i read. Without much prior knowledge on the exam from not paying attention/ being lazy in class. I did manage to get a 76, which where I am from is a B.
I tried a suduko while microdosing, it was much easier, and took me about 6 minutes to complete, it was rated moderate difficulty

Not much effect on anxiety, but creativity was much better.

I plan to continue microdosing for a while to see what long term benefits I can reap from them. short term have been very nice so far!

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