The Evolution of Parkour Videos (Part 2)

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Orn Hove Matre - March 20 2018

Love the post but Im a bit surprised on how you left out the Spanish/Latin communities so much. Sure, you mentioned GUP, but there is so much more there than Galizian Urban Project. One group that has helped me and a lot more people learn Parkour and Freerunning is CFP or ClanFury Parkour, they have dedicated most of their years on Youtube and in the Parkour comunity to helping others learn. I find them interesting because they satrted out as a group of friends in the middle of nowhere with noone to teach them, they learned on their own and shared their experiences and knowledge to help grow the Spanish and Latin American community.
I mean, sure.. maybe not the most qualifyed to teach since they were still learning flips, but nobody else did anything to teach around here, and every week for around 3-4 years they had a new tutorial on either a basic move, a flip or even a new flow move that they or someone else had come up with. In my opinion, thats at least worth a mention. Tutorials should have had their section in this article after all, they were a big.
Apart from that, loved the blog, keep it up!

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