Our Clothing

The way we move is an expression of our personality and the same is true for what we wear every day.

The right clothes make us comfortable in our own skin and represent what we stand for to others. Our journey in making clothing started with our search for that feeling.

Our culture is built on conquering life in the city, overcoming obstacles and exploring the world to see what it's like with our own eyes. Being able to move freely and feeling unrestricted makes us happy. We embrace this in our visuals, the functionality of our designs and the life we live.

We take inspiration from styles we see while traveling the world and imaginary ninjas from the future. Then we design our cuts and hand-pick fabrics to build pieces for performance and durability.

The word Farang means outsider and is usually spoken with demeaning undertone. We find it empowering. Being an outsider allows us to step away from society's rules and decide what is right for ourselves.

It's an opportunity to see the world differently and live our life creatively.