Dominic Di Tommaso

I’m Dominic Di Tommaso, hence Domtomato. 23 years old, ive been training freerunning since 07’ based in Sydney, Australia. I come from a background of figure skating and ballet but decided that a fulltime job as a garbage man was the way to go until I got to a stage where I could become a full time athlete. Joining Team Farang in 2016, I’m a sponsored athlete with AAPES and in Sydney train with Crew42.


I love free running, it gives me an outlet for my passion in movement without the restrictions or guidelines I found in other organized sports. It excites me to know that the possibilities are seemingly endless. I’m so happy to be a part of the community that advocates support and progression for each and every free runner involved!


I first started 2011, when the team was being created, so I’ve always been great friends with the farangs. After a short break I returned to movement with the drive to push for my goals and jumps, In 2015 the team mentioned they were looking bring on new athletes and I leapt at the amazing opportunity…. Now here we are!


I eat a whole lot of food in large quantities, but as a favourite I can never go past my mummy’s home cooked spaghetti bolegnaise!!


Barcelona was defintley my top pick for places that I’ve visited, but as Dorothy says ‘there’s no place like home.’


If I’m not out jumping and exploring I spend my time in front of the TV, analyzing and learning about the media arts.


If I could swap lives with anybody for a day, it would be Vin Diesel. I Would love to work on many of the films he has done but mainly I want a name that I could make endless puns about… inVINcable, and obvious car related word play.


Most free runners swear by one pair of shoes. I live by the strict policy that I will wear any shoes if I can get them for free! Eg. Gifts, Sponsorship and when I was a garbage man in a wealthy area I’d often find relatively unused pairs in the trash.


Where will I be at 50…. Probably a wheelchair from all the drops hehehe!
But in seriousness I hope to be in action and a citizen of the world, helpingothers progress in life and movement.


To sound totally cliché my favourite thing in the world is my lovely girlfriend! Having someone special in my life motivates me to push for my goals/dreams and be the best person I can be.


To state the obvious, I can’t travel without my passport… literally.


I see free running becoming a tool for people of all ages to learn about their minds and bodies in a way that they wouldn’t have imagined before!


X gon give it to ya - DMX

Delta - C2C

Ante up - M.O.P

FSgreen - HEmawfuckinMAN

Everything - Micheal Buble


I have given the superhero question a lot of deep thought over the years, a little obsessed with the concept…. So I would choose super speed!! I could fit so many more jumps into one day and the prank possibilities are endless!!